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Thursday, December 30, 2010

My China Holiday (Part 2): Another school!

...the different school is called Teda International School. It is another school just across the road of Tianjin Teda Maple Leaf International School. Studying in that school was one of the best experiences of my life. About half of the students there are koreans, only ten singaporeans studied there. I studied in the grade six classroom, the teacher is from US!

Their activities were totally different from Singapore! In September, they hosted an annual walkathon, where everyone in the school walk around the school field, hoping to raise money for the needy. In total i've walked 22 rounds in one hour, every round earns 2 yuan (40 cents).

Another major event was United Nations Day, where everyone in the school march proudly in their own nation on the school field.

The best event I think they held so far was the Winter Show in December, where the whole school performed in their different groups and choir. I even went to sing there too! I feel Singapore school do these kinds of activities as well. After studying there for three months till December 22, 2009 we went back to Singapore. But this is not over yet...

To be continued...
(Part 3) 5 January 2011 or till I get a comment
My sisters feeding pigeons in the Taifeng Park in Winter.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Writing the Blog...

Writing a blog is like writing an e-mail, it's kind of simple, i'll just write what my heart tells me to write. I feel like i'm a messenger telling news about myself and that's what i'm going to do!

I think BLOGGING will be an excellent way to make friends and become sociable. I'm just a beginner, and I don't like to use SMS language on any of my e-mail (if it is necessary) as it is a little too "gangster" like.

One question: anybody from Chongfu School? I couldn't find any of my schoolmates during the Secondary One Registration.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wishes on the wall

(a)You get to know how people around you are feeling. You can put many posts and share photo of you with them.

(b)The posts of the wall wishes are all so messy!

(c)We can discuss on how our CCAs have been and tell everyone how good or how bad that CCA is. It will be a good public space, maybe as good as twitter!

My Digital Collage

This is my collage, hope you like it :).
These are the URLs of the Applications:

I like Google Earth, as you can navigate, anything and anywhere. This is one of my most favourite softwares. I hope they do teach about google earth in SST.
*Youku is like a china youtube. Because Youtube is banned in china, because the government do not want to let anybody know somethings about the secrets of the forbidden city, beijing.

My maps on google maps "Taifeng park walking tour"

This is my map:

View Taifeng Park Walking Tour Map in a larger map

1.First, start from the teda expressway bridge.
2.Walk across the road.
3.Follow the trail along a lake, until coming across another bigger lake.
4.Walk till you see a flock of pigeons, this is where you can feed pigeons.
5.Walk to a river, and cross a stone bridge.
6.Finish your walk by ending at the road in front of apartments.

My China Holiday (Part 1): My first stay

I had my china holiday from the 1st till the 21st of december.

The reason why we went for this holiday started 2 years ago, my father got a job as a city-planner in Tanggu, Tianjin, China. He was planning an eco-city ready to be opened around 2020. Because of his job, he had to leave us once every month, I really miss him.

So, my father said that we could join him in china. In 2009 March, I went to china with him, I'd even studied there, in an international school. Called "Tianjin Teda Maple Leaf International School". I studied there for three months, just to see what it was like in an international school. We came back to Singapore in 2009 June, and I continued to study.

Then, we had another round of studying in an international school. In 2009 August, we flew back to China and continued to study there, but in a different school...

To be continued...
(Part 2) 29 December 2010 or till I get a comment
Picture of me and my two sisters, during springtime in china.

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