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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My China Holiday (Part 5): Beijing at last!

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...the Beijing Holiday was 3 days 2 nights. We stayed in a hotel called "THE ASCOTT" Beijing.

On the day we arrived at beijing, we checked in to our hotel room and the room was very very spacious! There were 2 rooms for sleeping, including a master bedroom. The master bedroom was a shock! It had a 90 degree view of the city. Below THE ASCOTT Beijing, was a shopping centre called Raffles City Beijing.

In the afternoon I went with my father to K11 Eco Home Exhibition. Inside, were exhibitions on eco-homes and eco things that you could do at home. The dinner table was futuristic, it had a screen for every person sitting, ready to eat dinner. On the screen (which is a touchscreen), there was a function to select what food you wanted to eat, the selection, would be sent to the kitchen, where a chef would cook the selection and serve it to you.

On the second day, our family went to the Tiananmen Square and also went to Wangfujing Street (a shopping district) to have lunch. Then we went back to the hotel for another rest.
On the final day, we checked out at 12 pm. We went to the airport and flew back to Singapore.

THE END of my China Holiday

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My China Holiday (Part 4): The Last Time

...and after that very day, I kept on thinking of what the Winter Show this year would be like.

A few days before the Winter Show, we went back to Taifeng Park to take another pleasant stroll. This time we were surprised! The entire lake was frozen! Waaaaaaah! However the ice was not thick enough for us to walk on and so we needed to come another day.

It was the day that TIS is hosting its Winter Show, I was extremely excited :D. After the show, I could say the show was the best show I had ever watched in China! This year all my sixth grade classmates are now  in seventh grade. Too bad I had to leave them for a year. The show was an astounding and tremendous success! It was better than last year!

Days after the Winter Show and a few days before we headed back to Singapore, we went to check out Taifeng Park, the lake was still frozen, but I don't know if it is safe to walk on. I placed my legs, nothing happened. I slowly stood up and still nothing happened. Then, I managed to stand up on the ice! It worked!My sisters and I also played ice hockey using ice!

It was the day we left Teda, but did I mentioned that we still can go to Beijing for a 3 day 2 night holiday?...
To be continued...
(Part 5) 19 January 2011 or till I get a comment

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My China Holiday (Part 3): The return

...when returning to singapore from the 3 long months studying in China in Teda International School (TIS), I continued to study (again!) in Singapore but this time we wouldn't be going back to China for some time because I needed to revise for my upcoming PSLE.
After PSLE and receiving my results, my father came back to Singapore for a family reunion and decided that we should go back to China for a holiday!
Yeah!! :D
On December 1 we took the plane to China and this was the start of my China Holiday!
Though it was a holiday, our mother still needed us to study for the 3 weeks there. My sister and I all wanted to go back to TIS to revisit our old schoolmates.
One day, my mother called one of my sister's friend's, Katherine's, mother. Katherine also studied in that school. In the same grade as my sister. They decided to come to our house the next day.
The next day, Katherine and his mother came and they were so happy to meet us again after almost a year. Then they talked about the TIS Winter Show and we thought that we could go to the TIS Winter Show 2010! Ahh.....(relaxing) old memories from last year. We agreed...
To be continued...
(Part 4) 12 January 2011 or till I get a comment

Thursday, December 30, 2010

My China Holiday (Part 2): Another school!

...the different school is called Teda International School. It is another school just across the road of Tianjin Teda Maple Leaf International School. Studying in that school was one of the best experiences of my life. About half of the students there are koreans, only ten singaporeans studied there. I studied in the grade six classroom, the teacher is from US!

Their activities were totally different from Singapore! In September, they hosted an annual walkathon, where everyone in the school walk around the school field, hoping to raise money for the needy. In total i've walked 22 rounds in one hour, every round earns 2 yuan (40 cents).

Another major event was United Nations Day, where everyone in the school march proudly in their own nation on the school field.

The best event I think they held so far was the Winter Show in December, where the whole school performed in their different groups and choir. I even went to sing there too! I feel Singapore school do these kinds of activities as well. After studying there for three months till December 22, 2009 we went back to Singapore. But this is not over yet...

To be continued...
(Part 3) 5 January 2011 or till I get a comment
My sisters feeding pigeons in the Taifeng Park in Winter.

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