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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My China Holiday (Part 1): My first stay

I had my china holiday from the 1st till the 21st of december.

The reason why we went for this holiday started 2 years ago, my father got a job as a city-planner in Tanggu, Tianjin, China. He was planning an eco-city ready to be opened around 2020. Because of his job, he had to leave us once every month, I really miss him.

So, my father said that we could join him in china. In 2009 March, I went to china with him, I'd even studied there, in an international school. Called "Tianjin Teda Maple Leaf International School". I studied there for three months, just to see what it was like in an international school. We came back to Singapore in 2009 June, and I continued to study.

Then, we had another round of studying in an international school. In 2009 August, we flew back to China and continued to study there, but in a different school...

To be continued...
(Part 2) 29 December 2010 or till I get a comment
Picture of me and my two sisters, during springtime in china.

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