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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My China Holiday (Part 5): Beijing at last!

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...the Beijing Holiday was 3 days 2 nights. We stayed in a hotel called "THE ASCOTT" Beijing.

On the day we arrived at beijing, we checked in to our hotel room and the room was very very spacious! There were 2 rooms for sleeping, including a master bedroom. The master bedroom was a shock! It had a 90 degree view of the city. Below THE ASCOTT Beijing, was a shopping centre called Raffles City Beijing.

In the afternoon I went with my father to K11 Eco Home Exhibition. Inside, were exhibitions on eco-homes and eco things that you could do at home. The dinner table was futuristic, it had a screen for every person sitting, ready to eat dinner. On the screen (which is a touchscreen), there was a function to select what food you wanted to eat, the selection, would be sent to the kitchen, where a chef would cook the selection and serve it to you.

On the second day, our family went to the Tiananmen Square and also went to Wangfujing Street (a shopping district) to have lunch. Then we went back to the hotel for another rest.
On the final day, we checked out at 12 pm. We went to the airport and flew back to Singapore.

THE END of my China Holiday

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