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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My China Holiday (Part 3): The return

...when returning to singapore from the 3 long months studying in China in Teda International School (TIS), I continued to study (again!) in Singapore but this time we wouldn't be going back to China for some time because I needed to revise for my upcoming PSLE.
After PSLE and receiving my results, my father came back to Singapore for a family reunion and decided that we should go back to China for a holiday!
Yeah!! :D
On December 1 we took the plane to China and this was the start of my China Holiday!
Though it was a holiday, our mother still needed us to study for the 3 weeks there. My sister and I all wanted to go back to TIS to revisit our old schoolmates.
One day, my mother called one of my sister's friend's, Katherine's, mother. Katherine also studied in that school. In the same grade as my sister. They decided to come to our house the next day.
The next day, Katherine and his mother came and they were so happy to meet us again after almost a year. Then they talked about the TIS Winter Show and we thought that we could go to the TIS Winter Show 2010! Ahh.....(relaxing) old memories from last year. We agreed...
To be continued...
(Part 4) 12 January 2011 or till I get a comment

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